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The Process


We adapt and customize our framework to develop solutions specific to the needs of each client.

The Problem

90% of companies fail in their first year; 98% fail by the fifth year. The surviving 2% rarely live up to their potential. The pieces of their business never fit together, and despite considerable effort, the results are rarely satisfactory.

The three key reasons for poor performance:

  • Absence of a clarity in vision, accountability, and metrics

  • Absence of teamwork

  • Inconsistent leadership

The Solution

Although every business has many uniquely important components, the key elements that require primary focus are consistent.


The three keys to success:

  • Creating a clear vision

  • Aligning the team towards one consistent set of goals

  • Executing – getting things done, not just talking about things, but getting them done

Process and Support

Our goal is to help you deliver value for all your constituencies: owners, customers, and your employees. That is what exceptional companies do.

Over the course of a year, we spend 20% of our time focusing on the long-term outlook of the company (strategy) and 80% of the time focusing on delivery of results (execution).


Initial Meeting

We ask our clients to do homework before our initial meeting which generally requires only a few hours of their time. This background work ensures that the client understands the work and commitment required to lead change. It also enables us to better understand the specific needs of the client.

Yearly Strategy Meeting

One day a year is spent establishing / revisiting the long-term vision, strategies and goals. At the end of the day the client will have developed answers to the following key questions:

1) What is the reason for our existence?
2) What is our 5-10 year goal?
3) What are our core values?
4) What is our business?
5) What are our key strategies?
6) What is our marketing plan?

Amazingly, all of these answers will be captured on the first page of the Syal Consult Vision & Execution Tracker.  The succinctness and clarity of this document helps the leadership team remember what it has agreed upon and enables it to easily communicate these ideas to the rest of the organization.

Quarterly Results Meetings

Once a quarter, we focus on the deliverables (called “Rocks”). In these meetings, grand ideas are converted into action. The leadership team is held responsible for delivering on their commitments and progress is tracked.

With clear accountabilities come clear results. Did we do something or not? A simple yes or no must be provided; no equivocation. This is how an organization builds its culture, how a team comes together to achieve goals. The “Rocks and Boulder” are captured on the second page of the Syal Consult Vision & Execution Tracker.

Genesis of Process

The process we have developed is a composite of various influences over our lifetime, some of which are noted below:


Perhaps the most important influence is what we have seen in our own 40 plus years of work experience. We have a developed a strong preference for getting things done over mere talk and meetings. We focus on substance over form, clarity over abstraction, results over promises.


Peter Drucker’s “The Five Questions” asks simple questions like “What is our business?” or “Who is our customer?” Incredibly, it is these simple questions that trip up many businesses. Businesses can achieve clarity only when these simple questions can be answered with equal simplicity.


Gino Wickman’s “Get A Grip” describes the facilitation process we will use in our meetings together.


Patrick Lencioni’s “The Advantage” summarizes several of his books, emphasizing the need for teamwork and the factors that inhibit effective teamwork.


Ray Bossidy’s “Execution” reminds us that ultimately execution is what counts.

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Change is hard work. Indeed, it is estimated that only 10% of change initiatives succeed. Change requires discipline, time, and most importantly, commitment.

We are committed to helping you, and your organization, become the best you can be.  Are you ready? Are you committed?

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