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Through engaging conversations and participation opportunities, Verinder Syal allows the pupil to learn, understand, analyze, and demonstrate new material. The accelerated pace at which the pupil is able to grasp concepts allows for more to be taught and a wider range of topics to be covered even in the most difficult of subjects. Professor Verinder Syal has proved to be an elite teacher with the ability to connect with everyone in the room.
I’m very satisfied. It is up to us to produce the ultimate result- Verinder is a facilitator but he has tremendously helped us be effective as a team. He has improved our team chemistry and accountability. He has given us some great tools. Verinder makes Syal Consult unique- he brings more than intelligence to a team. He brings an understanding of how people work, how teams work together that is extremely powerful. I  think he is an unbelievably good teacher- he holds people’s attention. As a consultant, I think his understanding of human nature is what is most important.
Prof. Syal is a genuinely caring professor who’s open and inquisitive nature creates a classroom that is more of a discussion forum than a lecture hall. He is very approachable, and in fact, if you do not approach him, he will probably approach you. He is very good at getting even the shyest of individuals to contribute – he could probably squeeze classroom participation out of a stone. Seriously though, Prof. Syal is one of the minority of teachers who make their students one of their top priorities, and it really shows in his approach to the class. Whatever you ask of him, he will respond – he may not always have the answer, but he will put you in touch with the right material or person even if he doesn’t know. He is also very fair with his grading – he makes very well known what he expects of you and if you give it to him (energy, honesty, and effort) you will be rewarded.
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Verinder Syal for just over six months. Please do not think of that as a short time, think of it as recent quality, first hand experience. Verinder brings to the table a significant wealth of senior management experiences and life skills that are rivalled by very few. His listening skills are relayed into succinct coaching thoughts that are both plausible and action oriented. I consider him a life long business enabler.
I think this class was one of the best classes I have ever taken. It really gave me insight into what it took to not only start a business, but run a business. We covered everything from accounting to some of the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurs and companies. I would highly recommend taking a class from Verinder Syal if you are serious about learning how to run a business.
I have known Verinder Syal for sixteen years. When I first met him he had decided to change careers from highly successful management of a major division of a Fortune 500 company to owner-entrepreneur of his own company. Accompanied by his attorney, a long time contact of mine, Verinder was making contacts in the financial and professional communities in advance of buying a company. Shortly thereafter he purchased a coffee distribution business focused on high-end office and lobby clients. Verinder and his partner made some key acquisitions, grew the business smartly, and then sold it to a minority shareholder that is one of the larger coffee suppliers in North America. Verinder is a favorite type of customer for any business banker: He keeps his word, he doesn’t hide the bad and he doesn’t boast about the good. I feel very privileged to have been his relationship manager during the time he owned the coffee business. Verinder has been teaching at university. He is challenging his students to think far outside the box and to study and develop the skills that will make them effective leaders. They could have no better teacher. Verinder displays a keen insight and is very quick to analyze and find solutions for both problems and opportunities. I would eagerly refer Verinder Syal to any client, prospect, or professional associate of mine where I thought or knew his talents, abilities and proven record of performance would add value and opportunity.
Brilliant, incisive, probing, and a keen eye for possibilities. Verinder is simply the best, most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’m proud to call him my mentor.
I have been associated with Verinder for over twenty-five years. He has extensive knowledge in running successful businesses and just recently has volunteered his time to teach ethics and business integrity at Loyola and Northwestern. He has accumulated extensive knowledge in many business disciplines; and would be of help to any client seeking his services.
I have known Verinder Syal for over 20 years and while he is an incredible “people person” and effective communicator, his business intellect, insight, and vision are extraordinary. He has a heart of gold, and incredible work ethic, and the highest level of integrity. His analytic skills cut through emotion and other clutter to address the core issues at hand. He is not intimidated by intricate business challenges or difficult/driven individuals with preordained agendas. On many occasions I have witnessed him reduce complex business problems (personnel oriented, process related, misguided focus, etc.) to easily definable components with risk adjusted solutions attached.
(Verinder has) studied leadership a lot. Brings a lot of skill sets. He understands that for a company to be successful, everyone has to be going in the same direction.  How do you get a company to communicate this way? He’s done this before and this is his greatest strength.  Verinder is passionate about what he does.
Verinder taught me how to write a business plan, clarify my financial model, and create a presentation for investors. He was extremely encouraging and supportive. And he’s very smart; he’s obviously had years of experience in the business world. Before I met Verinder, I definitely believed in my business idea, but I could only conceive of it in broad strokes. Verinder challenged me with very specific questions and helped me work out the details to address these questions. I now have a written business plan that I feel good about. And the confidence to present the plan to investors. I must worn you, though, Verinder can be unpredictable at times. Sometimes he grabs objects like staplers and portable hard drives and throws them across the room. If you work with Verinder, I suggest wearing a helmet at all times.
Professor Syal (as he is known to me) won my respect in stages: first as an orator, second as a facilitator, third as a businessman, and finally as a man of virtue. It is for this last that I will remember him, and because of it that he is unique. In a field characterized by greed, he stands out not only because he succeeds, but also because he does it without compromising his values.
Verinder Syal has the unique ability to stimulate and expand individual and group discussions to consider and evaluate the broader strategic aspects of an issue or problem before guiding the formulation of practical tactical action solutions. His broad blend of senior executive leadership of major corporations, as well as smaller start up entrepreneurial companies, provides the diversified experience background to quickly grasp and evaluate a complex issue or opportunity and then quickly and decisively moving toward resolution or appropriate actions.
Verinder’s great gift is seeing the problem behind the problem. He can focus long or short term governed by the strategy or tactics required. While he can see the expedient route, he is smart enough and wise enough to identify for students or clients the merits of longer term solutions.
Verinder’s ability to quickly understand a business…any business, is exceptional. And he has a complementary skill to drill down and locate the key levers that determine profitability and growth. Most significantly, once those are identified his real talent becomes apparent to formulate thoughtful questions that cause leadership to re-examine its assumptions and its effectiveness. He does this without ever forgetting the importance of people, the need to provide customers with the tangibles and intangibles that are essential to a long-term relationship….which in turn add value to the business, and to do these things within the highest ethical framework.
Verinder’s depth of experience as well as uncanny ability to read people has benefited AHSS significantly.  He’s an excellent facilitator who drives meetings forward to action. (Comes from the people insight.) His effectiveness in coaching is built on helping people become more coachable.  Verinder has brought perspective, strategic insights and focus on execution to our team.
As a result of Syal Consult, [we were] able to take away a strategic plan for the quarters ahead. Each member of the leadership team came away with specific tasks to execute on. Team developed a regular meeting schedule and agenda to ensure that they were on track and measures to address items that fell by the wayside…. [Verinder is] a very seasoned experienced, intelligent executive. Great listener, facilitator, and communicator.
He is helping us get more clarity with the numbers…. He did a great job bringing the team together. I give him kudos for getting results…. he has a unique personality, unique experience, he is very sensitive and listens to people well. He is a rare bird because he has worked at big companies but he is not political – he can cut through the garbage. He is a unique blend of an entrepreneurial mindset who can be successful in a big company.