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Every summer, I revisit the content for the two classes I teach in the fall. In part, that requires reading the text books again, of which there are many. I am never surprised, but always amazed, when I pick up new ideas and nuances re-reading the same books that I have read a few times before. It’s a bit like life: how much of it do we really observe and embrace and how much of it we look at but do not see?

In this newsletter are some wonderful checklists on a variety of topics from “Reality Check” by Guy Kawasaki.  The topics include: The Art of Execution, The Art of Customer Service, My hindsights in lIfe and a few more.  thoughtful, provocative, and enjoyable.

NL8- 13 Interesting Checklists

Does Success Precede Happiness?


From a young age we are told to study hard, get into a good university, get a good job, live in a good neighborhood, have good friends, marry well, save a lot of money, and somewhere in the distant future we will find happiness. And for those believing in reincarnation, the warranty is extended: if not in this life, then perhaps the next life.

Could this formula be backward?

NL7- 13 Does Success Precede Happiness?

Back to Basics

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We look far and wide, high and low, and then we return, where else, but back to basics. As I look around and observe countries, companies, organizations, and people in action, I see a lot of work, a fair bit of frustration, and limited results. Working harder is not the answer nor is doing more. Clarity does not lie in complexity; rather it lies in getting back to basics.

The fourth of July celebrations remind us how lucky we are to live in this country. Along with that notion – regardless of our political leanings – arises a nagging question: Has the United States lost its way?

What’s that got to do with running a business, you might ask? Fair question. Are there any lessons we could learn from Uncle Sam, on things to do and things NOT to do?

Absurd? Maybe, maybe not.

NL6-13- Back to Basics

Leadership Workbook

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With his usual clarity, Peter Drucker explains: “The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers. Some are prophets others thinkers. But without followers there can be no leader.”

Are you a leader?  What does it take to be a leader?  Are leaders born. How does one lead oneself?  Come explore all these questions and more.

Leadership Workbook

Marketing Workbook

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Marketing is in reality the creation of a customer.  And that can only be done when the focus is single-mindedly on the customer, his needs, his values, his motivations.  You must get to know him better than he knows himself.  This workbook will give you an in-depth look at what the elements of marketing are and help you evaluate your program.

Marketing Workbook

Givers and Takers

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Have you ever been in a room with someone who sucked the air and energy out of the room?  It was all about him (or her), his needs, how much he could get; a zero sum game where someone (he) had to win and someone (you) had to lose. There is another kind of relationship found mostly at work and also outside of work which is based on the quid-pro-quo principle: you help me and I will help you. …And then occasionally you come across a person who just wants to help you, seems to be willing to simply give with no scorecard in sight.

NL5-13 Givers and Takers