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Experience and Values

Actual Experience

Most consultants are smart. We combine our intellect with actual operating experience. We have a strong history of actually delivering results. We can relate to our clients, understand their needs, fears, and hopes. We provide a level of objectivity that is extremely hard to find within an organization.

Clients Best Interest Always

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients and we work hard to understand their needs. Everything we do is based on the question: “What is best for the client?” We are committed to offering the best advice regardless of its popularity or palatability.


In a world where this word is rather loosely used, we believe integrity is the cornerstone of any relationship or enterprise.

“Verinder’s depth of experience as well as uncanny ability to read people has benefited AHSS significantly.  He’s an excellent facilitator who drives meetings forward to action. (Comes from the people insight.) His effectiveness in coaching is built on helping people become more coachable.  Verinder has brought perspective, strategic insights and focus on execution to our team.”

Laura McKee, CEO, Autism Home Support


“I’m very satisfied. It is up to us to produce the ultimate result- Verinder is a facilitator but he has tremendously helped us be effective as a team. He has improved our team chemistry and accountability. He has given us some great tools. He brings an understanding of how people work, how teams work together that is extremely powerful. I think he is an unbelievably good teacher- he holds people’s attention. As a consultant, I think his understanding of human nature is what is most important.

Jason Surber, President, ATF Inc.

“Brilliant, incisive, probing, and a keen eye for possibilities. Verinder is simply the best, most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’m proud to call him my mentor.”

Chuck Maniscalco, President, Seventh Generation

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